The story of 1 man vs 99 zombies...

16. nov.. 2020
2 007 310 Ganger

Escaping 100 zombies with @coL Punisher, @BonsaiBroz, and BonsaiSean, during the 2020 Halloween Fortnitemares event! (100 player Fortnite Custom Match with Nick Eh 30)
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  • 1:03 All of the shadows is me when I’m eating something when I’m max hungry

    Vincent SichulaVincent Sichula8 minutter siden
  • your cooooooool

    Eybjörg DaníelsdóttirEybjörg Daníelsdóttir42 minutter siden
  • This update was how I got my kill record 😂

    Ellie BearEllie BearTime siden
  • I used your code in the item shop

    Christopher BaileyChristopher Bailey3 timer siden
  • 0:43

    Xoprocast -Xoprocast -Dag siden
  • I love the Eh team they are so nice and fun

    PeytonAnimation&GamingPeytonAnimation&GamingDag siden
  • Realcraw6201537

    jullianplayzjullianplayzDag siden
  • 1

    jullianplayzjullianplayzDag siden
  • Drop a like if you missed this update

    Ahmed F.GAhmed F.G2 dager siden
  • 5:02 Hey look he killed me lol :D

    CraVTyCraVTy3 dager siden
  • The overrated hydrofoil cytogenetically enjoy because dress pathohistologically touch along a hilarious back. resonant, obese multimedia

    Hubbard DarrelHubbard Darrel5 dager siden
  • Who Loves Watching NICK EH 30 ? :)

    AlexiaAlexia5 dager siden
  • ThAts AlOt Of dAmAgE

    Mystic DevDevMystic DevDev6 dager siden
  • Is bonsai Travis Travis Scott????

    Jaabir HaqueJaabir Haque9 dager siden
  • Hi Nick Eh 30

    Pedro LopesPedro Lopes9 dager siden
  • Nick Eh 30 Hi

    Pedro LopesPedro Lopes9 dager siden
  • Nick you should have gotten crash lands with iron mans Gauntlets and it can make u jump higher and pretty easier to take out the ghost :)

    Lincoln GomillionLincoln Gomillion9 dager siden
  • 4:07 when the game gets -1 players alive

    DodiaccountDodiaccount10 dager siden
  • I like how he says the ghosts zombies

    BossStrikeツBossStrikeツ10 dager siden
  • 0:15 fastest rapper

    Pro FilmsPro Films11 dager siden
  • Nick really deserves an icon skin

    Jackson XJackson X12 dager siden
  • 0:15 the disappearance of hatsune miku.

    T LateT Late15 dager siden
  • day 1 of trying to grow from comments

    xdpokixdpoki15 dager siden
  • A shadow apocalypse

    GamerosityGamerosity15 dager siden
  • If one of the squad member dies then do they help the enemies or do they help the people please give me an explanation

    IH - 02MS 938292 Sherwood Mills PSIH - 02MS 938292 Sherwood Mills PS16 dager siden
  • He made this sound really intents

    Jonah DzialoskiJonah Dzialoski16 dager siden
  • Nick’s community is the best!

    TuchyCuchyTuchyCuchy18 dager siden
  • 2020 couldn,t be worse: decmeber 2020: (edit) this was made in feb 2021

    DJ COOK FAN 1 milDJ COOK FAN 1 mil19 dager siden
  • Play 1:14 this at 0.5 speed and you can sorta hear what he says

    ItsGracoueItsGracoue19 dager siden
  • 4:40 This part of the vid in a nutshell: L:UIESO^yrhq0p39fn;oaeYAH8pZ^p0Y:GHae4

    HT1HT120 dager siden
  • iam beatboxing while nick r apping

    supersonic legendsupersonic legend21 dag siden
  • Udibahgjdk

  • Nick you need wolverine claws. They reck the Zombies

    Fortnite SpecialsFortnite Specials22 dager siden
  • Did you see the noob that was a glitched shadow

    GG-MalachiGG-Malachi22 dager siden
  • copyiong your superiors again, I see you Fortnite.. (dl)

    DyrianDyrian23 dager siden
  • Bruh i killed every ghost and person on the map. WITH A GOLD PUMP AND NO HEALS

    alberto solis sanchezalberto solis sanchez25 dager siden
  • In the begining part when he said the bad thing about the shadow things my uncle was right next to me and he said this mans just said all my ex girlfriends traits 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    deadshot X Gamerdeadshot X Gamer25 dager siden
  • My parents said that if I can get 4000 subs they’ll buy me my dream setup.

    TackyScissors41TackyScissors4126 dager siden
  • the she hulk mythic regaime the health you lose

    Mustanir HasanMustanir Hasan27 dager siden
  • N0

    maria renteriamaria renteria27 dager siden
  • Pls sub to L2 brazy

    Lolo OlivaaLolo Olivaa28 dager siden
  • Me and my girlfriend are very happy that you're a real person

    Enzo GahlerEnzo GahlerMåned siden
  • Only players who play cod can understand this even tho it’s Fortnite

    HüC HIHüC HIMåned siden
  • 1 there is 73 shadows 2 there are 2 humans

    Rochell KylesRochell KylesMåned siden
  • nick: its okay its okay... AHHHHH!!! IM GOIN TO DUST ghosts: bey bey we no car if thanos snapped on u or somthin!

    Rachel MartinRachel MartinMåned siden
  • nick sypherPK is hateing on u

    Rachel MartinRachel MartinMåned siden
  • Top 10 best rappers 0:15

    Badoo The bananaBadoo The bananaMåned siden
  • The best weapons are if you are vs zombies are iron man unibeam and repulsor and pump and ar

    Priyanka BajpaiPriyanka BajpaiMåned siden
  • I just started watching you today and you made me calm when I watch ur videos during this one my tooth came out! Love you EHteam!#

    Lego GamingLego GamingMåned siden
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    Elbaywg CampbellvdElbaywg CampbellvdMåned siden
  • faxe Nick!

    Chaos_YTChaos_YTMåned siden
  • They are like bees

    Tomas RiveroTomas RiveroMåned siden
  • Bruh i wanna join his community but i dont have the $6 to spare

    Team ExoTeam ExoMåned siden
  • Ssssdf

    Jaxon MillerJaxon MillerMåned siden
  • 0:15 Nicks ememiem rapping rap god

    AceAceMåned siden
  • 4:46 its so laggy the number of players(not ghosts) keeps changing

    Sarah Huang 1427003Sarah Huang 1427003Måned siden
  • Their ghost

    S DayS DayMåned siden

    BIG BOOMBIG BOOMMåned siden
  • Zs

    FUNKSHIP74FUNKSHIP74Måned siden
  • Me who loves left 4 dead: hmph, amateur

    Matthew CampbellMatthew CampbellMåned siden
  • 0:14 eminem better be scared

    Jen IrelandJen IrelandMåned siden
  • That was sick

  • i need help pls

    Jeffrey RiosJeffrey RiosMåned siden
  • Who is watching this in 2021

    Mason HodgsonMason HodgsonMåned siden
  • did it it took me 50min

  • Who else turned on captions to see what he said

    Logan RogersLogan RogersMåned siden
  • 0:15 Eminem is shaking, Finally a worthy opponent

    DamVasG10DamVasG10Måned siden
  • Who else understanded what nick eh 30 said i do

    natiesha zamaninatiesha zamaniMåned siden
  • 1v99 In reality 1v50

    Mike WazowskiMike WazowskiMåned siden
  • Nick is m&m

    Charlie RollsCharlie RollsMåned siden
  • The only weapon you can survive with is she hulks fists and a pump lol!

    Daneiry Bustos-SecundinoDaneiry Bustos-SecundinoMåned siden
  • You should. Make. A movie

    Melon BoyMelon BoyMåned siden
  • K

    Elijah RodriguezElijah RodriguezMåned siden
  • 0:13 my man is the best rap god of all time

    Frosty 0Frosty 0Måned siden
  • Nick eh 30 rap God 2.0

    Hangmang thangHangmang thangMåned siden
  • Nick how do u get into a a video?

    Nabila HaqNabila HaqMåned siden
  • You make cool videos

    Laura HarrisonLaura HarrisonMåned siden
  • Oogabooga

    Nikki ArnoldNikki ArnoldMåned siden
  • Its literally impossible to kill zombies /ghosts

    Nida Emad77Nida Emad77Måned siden
  • H

    patrick higginspatrick higginsMåned siden
  • God of smile

    sami playssami playsMåned siden
  • lol

    Master_nickMaster_nickMåned siden
  • Nick I wot Jon you in fortnite

    Ari RendonAri RendonMåned siden
  • Nick was tweaking

    Jacob SolisJacob SolisMåned siden
  • Max kills in a match went from 99 to 198

    WafflesWafflesMåned siden
  • If you need to play 0:14 at 0.75 speed. 👍

    Zach MoritzZach MoritzMåned siden
  • 1:40 Poor Default 🤣🤣🤣

  • One squad

    Random_movements zansRandom_movements zansMåned siden
  • Este el el único comentario en español

    elhehe _velhehe _vMåned siden
  • That game mode was *SO* much fun! I’d do it all the time if EPIC let me!

    SonicDRJSonicDRJ2 måneder siden
  • They broke my emote

    ANGEL VEGAANGEL VEGA2 måneder siden
  • Nick Can RAP! 0:14

    CooqiCooqi2 måneder siden
  • E

    Tonethree13 EditingTonethree13 Editing2 måneder siden
  • S

    Tonethree13 EditingTonethree13 Editing2 måneder siden
  • Lol fresh did this too

    _xSky?_ BG_xSky?_ BG2 måneder siden
  • This is where the vid ends because he failed to kill them all 1:00

    Wylime 09Wylime 092 måneder siden
  • The community reflects the creator. If the creator is nice the community is nice

    CobraGodCobraGod2 måneder siden
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    Nixon NicholasNixon Nicholas2 måneder siden
  • nik kill he gost

    Leray KingLeray King2 måneder siden
  • Cars r op I killed like 15 shadows lol!

    Ethan TeamFlameEthan TeamFlame2 måneder siden