Nick Eh 30 reacts to NEW Lever Action Shotgun!

14. jan.. 2021
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Reacting to Fortnite Season 5 update 15.20!
• New Lever Action Shotgun, new Exotic Hop Rock Dualies (Dual Pistols), new Pre-Edit options, new Stealthy Stronghold Predator Easter Egg, and more!
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    • @Nick Eh 30 you cracked

      Beast_ DESTROYERBeast_ DESTROYER10 dager siden
    • Hi nick what surfer do you play on

      Isaiah LewisIsaiah Lewis13 dager siden

      ErroneouslyErroneously14 dager siden
    • OK

      Megan GirlMegan Girl14 dager siden
    • I just got scammed on Fortnite

      Karli AriasKarli Arias15 dager siden
  • at 16:25 it sounds like nick swears

    Take1_Take1_3 timer siden
  • You are so good now man

    Rayyan AwanRayyan Awan12 timer siden
  • I don’t love fortnite but because of the satisfying lever action shotgun it makes it so much better

    Morgame33Morgame33Dag siden
  • Is no one gonna talk about how he didn’t say Hasta la vista once’s. Those where the good days

    Earnedclover685Earnedclover6852 dager siden
  • 1:04 I CANT EVEN 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Misa GarzonMisa Garzon2 dager siden
  • Jesus he about to bus over a update

    Erin ReedErin Reed3 dager siden
  • That noise is the predator

    Autumn Shaw-willsonAutumn Shaw-willson5 dager siden
  • in 1:03 is sooo funny

    StephenBlueStephenBlue5 dager siden
  • How do get in your stream nick how

    Angel BahenaAngel Bahena5 dager siden
  • Hi NIck I .. 2k Euro's to survive the Month..will pay you back month end

    Uklm NgubaneUklm Ngubane6 dager siden
  • Nick just brings a different type of energy that makes me super happy

    Lukas LopezLukas Lopez6 dager siden
  • GrifzyGrifzy6 dager siden
  • Bro

    GrifzyGrifzy6 dager siden
  • It feels like the lever shotgun came out a week ago but it came a month ago

    Baheer SpamsL2Baheer SpamsL27 dager siden
  • Sus eh 30

    Jack & MilesJack & Miles8 dager siden
  • You gotta try the tracking pistol if you havent yet

    yorks finest23yorks finest238 dager siden
  • Surprised people play this lmao

    Aluiq GamesAluiq Games10 dager siden
  • Check out this 8 year old trying to improve and gain followers

    Dark KillsDark Kills11 dager siden
  • You know you can double pump with the dub and any other shotgun

    Aidric YurishAidric Yurish11 dager siden
  • Keep it up nick!

    Fortnite akashi 女Fortnite akashi 女12 dager siden
  • Nick is crack at the game me vs nick man I suck

    Shainiel LumbaoShainiel Lumbao12 dager siden
  • Yo

    Dennis O1Dennis O112 dager siden
  • Fortnite is dead

    Dovydas MasysDovydas Masys12 dager siden
  • Look at the pullout👀

    ?Zex?Zex12 dager siden
  • When he said that’s really nice it was 69 damage

    Slaten JeppersonSlaten Jepperson12 dager siden
  • I sub and like all your videos I don’t follow you on Instagram or Twitter because I’m not aloud to have it please accept

    michael chungmichael chung12 dager siden
  • My guy need some milk bc he sweat boi

    Erick NavasErick Navas13 dager siden
  • Nick eh 30 is the best youtuber and the best twitch streamer

    shuffle gamer245shuffle gamer24513 dager siden
  • There’s new hop rock pistols in Fortnite

    Agustin CarrilloAgustin Carrillo13 dager siden
  • I love your videos

    Alijah Da AssassinAlijah Da Assassin14 dager siden
  • Hi

    Brayan RogalskiBrayan Rogalski15 dager siden
  • The shotgun was in the game since the new season

    Christopher CastilloChristopher Castillo15 dager siden
  • Try it it’s over powered and fun

    Sarah LSarah L16 dager siden
  • You can double pump with the double barrel I am the lever action

    Sarah LSarah L16 dager siden
  • A cool combo for it is the hop rock and the double and the lever that’s a insane combo u should try

    AYDEN AYALAAYDEN AYALA16 dager siden
  • Hes keyboard is so smooth

    Sebastian CruzSebastian Cruz18 dager siden
  • Live your vid nick Eh 30

    Reina HernandezReina Hernandez18 dager siden
  • In the begging after he said good old crispy chicken made me laught

    Oliver HartwellOliver Hartwell18 dager siden
  • ryft yt, nick eh 30, typical gamer, fresh, x2twins, and then Lachlan

    Ashton SmithAshton Smith19 dager siden
  • ima comment you tubers from my perspective editing speed

    Ashton SmithAshton Smith19 dager siden
  • actually wtf bro I didn't think you hit that quick scope

    Ashton SmithAshton Smith19 dager siden
  • Like and subscribe to nick or me and him going to cry 😢

    DemolishedDemolished19 dager siden
  • Your way to sensitive and you gotta relax on you ego sometimes bruh

    ZavageZavage19 dager siden
  • Best youtube video ever😁

    Youssef El shimyYoussef El shimy19 dager siden
  • Love Your content

    Joshua JonesJoshua Jones20 dager siden
  • 8:37 soo satiyfing

    Diamond JordanDiamond Jordan20 dager siden
  • That face was so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Gee KeeGee Kee20 dager siden
  • Nick is such a good guy

    mr goatmr goat20 dager siden
  • Sup

    WiSe_DylWiSe_Dyl20 dager siden
  • When u pull it out it sounds sadsiding

    Jenna MohiuddinJenna Mohiuddin21 dag siden
  • Hey Nick i’ve been watching u everyday since OG fortnite and I just wanted to let you know that you inspire me and plenty of others everyday and i really look up to you and to ur positive mindset. Have a very successful career throughout your life and throughout whatever you do.

    AlexisAlexis21 dag siden
  • And who remembered that the shotgun is from terminator

    gerry n omargerry n omar22 dager siden
  • Use code nick eh 30 in the item shop are you cool or what but actually use code nick eh 30

    PhanrixPhanrix22 dager siden
  • That part makes me hungry 1:03

    Leena AlyLeena Aly23 dager siden
  • I watch ninja mor then him but when i saw this vid i am done from ninja

    Bedo KhoshianBedo Khoshian24 dager siden
  • Hi

    Jennifer HanesJennifer Hanes25 dager siden
  • I love how nick only has 1 or 2 bots in his game cause epic knows he’s good at the game

    Shawn CarrollShawn Carroll25 dager siden
  • Nicks edit is clean

    DxddyfnmDxddyfnm26 dager siden
  • “I got a good leever action shotgun” 😂😂

    G 3G 326 dager siden
    • Ikr 😂😂 it’s lever nick not leeever

      Nicole KellerNicole Keller18 dager siden
  • Your so good at fortnite nick

    Andrews edits AnimeAndrews edits Anime27 dager siden
  • Nick, did you know you can double pump with the dub?

    juan pirelajuan pirela27 dager siden
  • 13:38 How did Nick take damage?

    Picasso RenovationsPicasso Renovations28 dager siden
  • Am im the only one that Nick teammate tried to pull off that joke "Wendy's"

    Dice DiceyDice Dicey28 dager siden
  • I once played mad city roblox with packstabberYT and nick

    AmolAmol28 dager siden
  • Pls sub to L2 brazy

    Lolo OlivaaLolo Olivaa28 dager siden
  • I have school so I can’t watch you!

    Dakota LudwigDakota Ludwig29 dager siden
    • :C WHYYYYY

      Dakota LudwigDakota Ludwig29 dager siden
  • bro im in school but his videos/streams are so whole some and make my day

  • subscribe to my channel SnowRaven Gaming Vega

    yani vegayani vega29 dager siden
  • Nick eh 30 vs techy comment who is going to win

    Rian DrakeRian Drake29 dager siden
  • Jesus died on the cross for your sins Jesus loves you turn from sin and ask for forgivness for your sins Jesus is king

    FNCS qwxzFNCS qwxz29 dager siden
  • Pls play with CoL punisher pls I’m getting bored I wish pun is back

    BREME KIDBREME KID29 dager siden
  • One thing you should try, hop rock dualies + shockwave grenades + The dub Shotgun + The crystals.

    DrizzyDrizzy29 dager siden
  • وآلله ٠خبر علومك ذي لا دبر مني ورك

    ابو فلهابو فله29 dager siden

    Omied IbrahimOmied Ibrahim29 dager siden
  • Nick Eh 30 I hope you see this but I was wondering if you could do a sniper trick shot montague with the two pistols :] -Sinsearly a fan

    Vellamae NielsenVellamae NielsenMåned siden
  • Perfect.

    Machdoan LongMachdoan LongMåned siden
  • I was playing fortnite one time and I had the lever shotgun and I one-shotted someone in the head and it was sooooooooooo smooth

    Oliver SanchezOliver SanchezMåned siden
  • Hi

    Jeremiah LewisJeremiah LewisMåned siden
  • Nick Eh 30 should try hop rock dulies + shockwaves + bounce pads + crystals + the dub shotgun that would be sick 😃👍🏽

    qwerty_qt _qwerty_qt _Måned siden
  • The way you flick the way you whip it out woah there buddy

    My NiggaMy NiggaMåned siden
  • Got a lever action shotgun before

    Carter MurrayCarter MurrayMåned siden
  • Your mic is way too close to your face man! :(

    Fraz GamingFraz GamingMåned siden
  • it has a delay when u pull it out 😏

    Caleb HuntingCaleb HuntingMåned siden
  • Nick gets 150 hits. I get hits for 23

    skeet mcpeetskeet mcpeetMåned siden
  • Yikes I didn’t know you were this good😂

    YakeveliYakeveliMåned siden
  • 3:58 nick be screaming too much

    Gaming RicGaming RicMåned siden
  • i think they took out the pump and put the lever action because it was too op for real though let me know if its true or not

    OGSoarAngelOGSoarAngelMåned siden
  • enhance that pullout!

    GG_Chase_YTGG_Chase_YTMåned siden
  • Omg

    Trey LastuvkaTrey LastuvkaMåned siden
  • Eh nickeh

    Bianka RogersBianka RogersMåned siden
  • Can you do a video playing competitive doing retakes.

    Erick RiofrioErick RiofrioMåned siden
  • 9:31 man scoped in and his mouse said aimbot activated 😂🤣

    Clutch FTWClutch FTWMåned siden
  • Nick clean with it

    Owen HerbertOwen HerbertMåned siden
  • 1:52 honestly that kinda sus

    CEK ProCEK ProMåned siden
  • Epic games has to make you a skin that would be cool

    Lucy lou RackleyLucy lou RackleyMåned siden
  • You should make a skin of you

    Lucy lou RackleyLucy lou RackleyMåned siden
  • Aimbot

    yt_ankanyt_ankanMåned siden
  • *I love Nick, but man he looks too much like Paris Bennett*

    Hermunculous0u0Hermunculous0u0Måned siden
  • It's not liver it's lever

    personpersonMåned siden