Nick Eh 30 reacts to the NEW unvaulted items!

17. feb.. 2021
780 263 Ganger

Reacting to Fortnite Season 5 update 15.40!
• New Flint-Knock is back, and you can purchase 5 of the same Exotic Items, for all Exotics!
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  • Nick eh 30 once again the edit god ! And the flint knock god next to Faze Replayz

    BlazingCat22 _BlazingCat22 _19 minutter siden
  • Imagine playing fortnite so sad 😂

    FINFINTime siden
  • 3:07 don't you already do that?

    Jack StrineJack Strine2 timer siden
  • You have your own box fights

    Joey DonosoJoey Donoso3 timer siden
  • why nick so excited about flit knock like i dont care about the flit knocks

    khari millerkhari miller7 timer siden
  • I love this channel

  • Me thinking i have good edits Watch a nick eh 30 video

    Unknown CrystallionUnknown Crystallion7 timer siden
  • I See you Nick shoot

    ColinPlayzColinPlayz16 timer siden
  • I like when he laughs it's funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    thecool kidthecool kid16 timer siden
  • Vaulted for hand cannon

    Frank SieckFrank Sieck21 time siden
  • Did scars get removed from fn

    ThatGuyAlexThatGuyAlex22 timer siden
    • Ofc

      MrUnboxerManMrUnboxerMan13 timer siden
  • CrAzYKiLLeR455 sent me here again

    Yami350BP Yamilet ruizYami350BP Yamilet ruiz22 timer siden
  • Fun fact:This video Nick got killed by "Tonz" One of the fastest editors.

    Joshua JonesJoshua Jones23 timer siden
  • I cliped it

    Joshua JonesJoshua Jones23 timer siden
  • what up

    BlimpingBlimpingDag siden
  • I played like 20 arena games yesterday and found *0* flint knocks which is sad because it’s my favorite gun

    CynicalCynicalDag siden
  • nick is always hyped for new wepens and unvoled wepens

    wtf are you doing on this channelwtf are you doing on this channelDag siden
  • Hey I was in one of the games love your vids I had a flint knock for my first time ever

    Emily BearEmily BearDag siden
  • SypherPk was not wrong when he said this guys had good mechanics (just subscribed with notis on)

    Captain 100Captain 100Dag siden
  • nick pleaz ken we doo ee vido

    Fariha FahimFariha FahimDag siden
  • i lajk it too

    Fariha FahimFariha FahimDag siden
  • No Nick, you're accurate :D

    Chirp ChirpChirp ChirpDag siden
  • uninstall the game

    KamilasKamilasDag siden
  • Oh did you know there is a blue, purple and legendary flint knock in save the world

    Jake FortesJake FortesDag siden
  • why is he so goood with the flint knocks this makes me laugh so much

    Jabbar IqbalJabbar IqbalDag siden
  • This is my friend nick he's got a dog,and he's cracked on fortnite my guy😃

    SkylerSkylerDag siden
  • Am I the only one that feels like if nick starts crying on stream I would start crying to

    Sym DogSym DogDag siden
  • I'm a new viewer and I can already tell that he's a genuine good person keep it up nick

    Ladarius AdamsLadarius AdamsDag siden
  • did he just say 5 am in the morning? lol

    Boss BearBoss BearDag siden
  • This game still on tf

  • Can u pls bring random duos back pls

    Glover _Glover _Dag siden
  • You are insane

    jason chuajason chuaDag siden
  • What’s your pc build?

    Isa MalikIsa MalikDag siden
  • Rhat clip was insane

    Anthony CallejaAnthony Calleja2 dager siden
  • U are the cone and stair king

    Dr.SinisterDr.Sinister2 dager siden
  • flint knocks only

    Christy AlleyChristy Alley2 dager siden
  • Hey Nick I have been being Cyberbullied lately and I don’t know what to do should I just end my life and that way when they die god and make us not have problems anymore

    CameronCameron2 dager siden
  • Can you please play rouge company again there are a lot of changes and updates and new rouges please consider...

    instinctiveinstinctive2 dager siden
  • Does anyone notice that the mountain 🏔️ could be you know who THE MONSTER I mean think about it

    D GaffneyD Gaffney2 dager siden
  • How many Times dose he say flintlocks only

    Preston ColemanPreston Coleman2 dager siden
  • The Yeet Pistol

    Preston ColemanPreston Coleman2 dager siden
  • Yo Nick I don’t think you’ll see this but you’re my inspiration to play Fortnite

    Kruz SharpKruz Sharp2 dager siden
  • When I am done his vidoes makes me happy

    Emiliano PatlanEmiliano Patlan2 dager siden
  • Nick makes the best videos

    Emiliano PatlanEmiliano Patlan2 dager siden
  • Hey Nick your hairline is nice

  • The damp refund usually sparkle because french pharmacokinetically excite out a dangerous psychiatrist. testy, last pull

    Riccardo Click1Riccardo Click12 dager siden
  • Bro flit nock more like hard nocks if that’s how u spall nocks

    Romello MarquezRomello Marquez2 dager siden
  • Nick Just Be Built Different.

    VyperzVyperz2 dager siden
  • So guys, this is how yo can waste 80 bullets in 0,003 seconds

    Patricio ZugastiPatricio Zugasti2 dager siden
  • nick you should play apex agin.

    JACOB MEZAJACOB MEZA2 dager siden
  • Nick your channel is the best your my favourite yt keep up the good work bro!!😀

    deafaulty _Alpha247deafaulty _Alpha2472 dager siden
  • You can get them from chests 😎

    SF Memes4life85SF Memes4life852 dager siden
  • Nick, I love your videos!!!

    ResistantFireGDResistantFireGD2 dager siden
  • Bro this bring so much memories back I remember watching you 3 years ago keep it up bro you make good video alway💯

    Young BeanerYoung Beaner2 dager siden
  • Nick is always so positive

    Bryan JeBryan Je2 dager siden
  • 6:53 is the insane clip

    hadeed 2020hadeed 20202 dager siden
  • i was your 1st sub

    Renegade- 2252Renegade- 22522 dager siden
  • Bruh he doesn't miss a shot or edit can't nick eh 30 cracked

    CurSe_ VibesCurSe_ Vibes2 dager siden

    STRAT-OG -STRAT-OG -2 dager siden
  • I forgive you

    Justin SantiagoJustin Santiago2 dager siden
  • just neckeh30

    BenjaminBenjamin2 dager siden
  • Broh that guy was sweating so hard just to blow himself up with the exotic 💀💀💀

    PoloroidssPoloroidss2 dager siden
  • Not a lot of people relize this but nick is actually u a really smart and intelligent guy and handsome like we should appreciate the stuff he does for us and u can’t call him a sweat Bc he is sweaty but he’s having that’s what matters🤗

    Reversed fishyReversed fishy2 dager siden
  • Nick eh 30 is clean right: yeah of course he is. SUBSCRIBEd to KSI:

    Santiago GonzalezSantiago Gonzalez2 dager siden
  • I love you

    Yusuf AbdiYusuf Abdi2 dager siden
  • y u not uploading nick plz upload

    Zavier BitsuiZavier Bitsui2 dager siden
  • For anyone wanting to just see the cool play showed partially in the beginning it’s at 6:51

    T3DR1CT3DR1C2 dager siden
  • It really does the same amount of damage and he doesn’t realize

    My NiggaMy Nigga2 dager siden
  • Are you from balkan or nah plis respond

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  • Anyone remember when he said “yea you to mah Ni-ga

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  • Does anyone know if nick speaks french

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  • Follow my twitchhhhh

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  • Keep up the good work i love ur vids u r such a positive person

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  • 🐐

    Vibezz on 60 fpsVibezz on 60 fps2 dager siden
  • Lox is a simp but if you watch Andeh Timmy not simp Timmy pimp

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  • hi

    Rudy MontoyaRudy Montoya2 dager siden
  • I lUVe u man :)

    xd yacerxd yacer2 dager siden
  • You should play steep

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  • You should play sterp

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  • its so op

    Gladys SilvaGladys Silva2 dager siden
  • Nick, you should do a video where 100 players hide in hay bale and then your break it and have them all come out

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  • is no one gonna point out that nickeh30 and GarretG look the same?

    dapdap2 dager siden
  • Hamster cult

    Scratch GamingScratch Gaming2 dager siden
  • hi nick u replied to me in fncs chat i want to let u know ur my favourite fortnite player ever keep up the good work bruvva love ur vids hope u see this x

    Caleb MorganCaleb Morgan3 dager siden
  • 6:20 wtf happened? How did an dog get in there?

    JackJack3 dager siden
  • Why you don’t speak Arbic

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  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    PRO_GaMeR12 :PRO_GaMeR12 :3 dager siden
  • Can I play with you one day please

    PRO_GaMeR12 :PRO_GaMeR12 :3 dager siden
  • Love your vids nick eh 30

    Henry McWethyHenry McWethy3 dager siden
  • If you shoot the flick nock at the bouncer at the same time jump and you will go very high

    Leonardo Ian Garcia CortezLeonardo Ian Garcia Cortez3 dager siden
  • I used your code in the item shop

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  • Flint knock only!!

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  • Jumbo popcorn 🍿

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  • Hello

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  • I think we can all agree Nick is better than clixs

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  • Hey nick I love your videos maybe you should try apex lengend

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  • I have 13 solo wins in fortnite.

    typical end 972 plays fortnite on ps4typical end 972 plays fortnite on ps43 dager siden
  • Nick is such a great inspiration to us please subscribe to him 👍

    Max on gfuelMax on gfuel3 dager siden
  • Dear nick, It’s been my dream to play with you and I would love to make that dream come true and play with you P.S I am a big fan I watch you on twitch Love you nick keep up they AMAZING work on the vids!

    Amy SchillaAmy Schilla3 dager siden
  • Save the world content?

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