If you played Fortnite Season 1...BULL RUSH!

3. jan.. 2021
1 540 400 Ganger

Fortnite...but try dodging my Mandalorian Rifle melee while making it to the other side of Colossal Coliseum!
• This is Bull Rush #2! Here's Bull Rush #1 ➔ notown.info/two/video/nrShfZxibMifzas.html
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  • Hey Eh Team! I made a new Fortnite channel, called Nick Eh 30 Shorts! I use it to upload quick and new highlights from my stream! Link: notown.info/love/bLcjRG0gcEzFeJynGC2tVw

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    • Can we do a bull rush on Tuesday

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  • Well I’m really glad I watched this be cause literally 2 hours later I found mandos sniper and there es 3 people right text to me and I killed all of them with the rifle

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