Hide and Seek...but find the Exotic Weapon instead!

11. feb.. 2021
447 775 Ganger

Fortnite Hide and Seek...but I hide an Exotic Weapon that 100 ppl try to find and bring me!
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  • Wow some people don’t have hi fi emote

    IceBearIceBear2 timer siden
  • Me with my eyes still closed

    Vibing CatVibing Cat20 timer siden
  • The replays make it so hype

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  • 1:56 rap god

    F8TEcandy 34F8TEcandy 343 dager siden
  • Jesus died on the cross for your sins Jesus loves you turn from sin and ask for forgivness for your sins Jesus is king

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  • I love nickeh 30!

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  • C

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  • How do you join these customs?

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  • It reminds me of avengers infinity war lmao when they have to fight all those monsters

    Nils KesteleynNils Kesteleyn8 dager siden
  • Hey Nick just a tip: Sometimes players can’t high-five so it’s a little bit unfair

    OpalusOpalus8 dager siden
  • On the road to 6 mill.

    Mason GuerreiroMason Guerreiro8 dager siden
  • 5:00 they cheated they threw a present and he got cut off

    Emmanuel OkebhagbeEmmanuel Okebhagbe8 dager siden
  • Boom sniper is op

    john smithjohn smith8 dager siden
  • how they found them?

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  • How do you get to be in ‘eh team’ I would like to join

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  • I haven't played fortnite in like 6 months

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  • Nick eh 30 when can I open my eyes?

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  • 6:36 ONE MAN!!!!

    Lystra BristolLystra Bristol9 dager siden
  • 6:36 INE MAN!!!!

    Lystra BristolLystra Bristol9 dager siden
  • i am a secret agent from epic games and the pump will come back next season and they will add 5 new bosses in the new season coming on march 16 get ready for some stranger things boss and nick we have gave u a high chance of getting gold weapons from mega chests

    Hassan GhannamHassan Ghannam9 dager siden
  • Use code NickEh30 in the Fortnite item shop no spaces

    TtvAdrian 7TtvAdrian 79 dager siden
  • hey nick! i really like your videos and it would be cool if i could get a shoutout.

    Jamie HalloranJamie Halloran9 dager siden
  • When there is a glitch were you cant highfive people the people with the exotic 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    matt96503matt965039 dager siden
  • Yo quick question are u married nice or got a gf

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  • 4:07 I see reeeed

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  • I have the same bday as you my bday is March 14 and so is yours

    Maddy PetersonMaddy Peterson9 dager siden
  • I feel like the shotgun would be easy because you can move quick

    Tiffany LedckeTiffany Ledcke9 dager siden
  • WHERE apex

    Jackie ThorntonJackie Thornton9 dager siden

    Jackie ThorntonJackie Thornton9 dager siden
  • Where apex

    Jackie ThorntonJackie Thornton9 dager siden
  • Where is apex Nick u just randomly stopped playing

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  • Where apex

    Jackie ThorntonJackie Thornton9 dager siden
  • Where apex

    Jackie ThorntonJackie Thornton9 dager siden
  • Where apex

    Jackie ThorntonJackie Thornton9 dager siden
  • Were is apex

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  • Wheres apex

    Jackie ThorntonJackie Thornton9 dager siden
  • Question why is everyone wearing default skins?

    The Sinister SithThe Sinister Sith9 dager siden
  • U should make a montage with all the shorts clips that u have itll be fire Btw this is my opinion not telling him he has to do this i would just enjoy it

    DC JayDC Jay9 dager siden
  • 4:02 What extrodinary creatures. Red ants.

    NoobyDude01NoobyDude019 dager siden
  • Any one els see his AR waz deformed

    Chance spotChance spot9 dager siden
  • Nick pls do your Challenge we are 2*

    One EyeOne Eye9 dager siden
  • Guys im a massive fan (Nicker)

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  • that jaxy guy in the iron man keycard switch is a softaimer

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  • Hey Nick, I've got a great plan for u to do how about u put a whole bunch of 100 cars together and use a rocket launcher and explode it😁😁😁😁

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  • Nick react to a video by grumbae called "fortnite memes that expose Nick eh 30" it's pretty funny

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    • I said sas wrong

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  • Use code Nick eh 30 in the Fortnite item shop

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  • 3:30 Sup Default

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