He locked me in with the bodies!!

24. des.. 2020
517 540 Ganger

0:00 Quickest Detective Ever as Crewmate in Among Us
4:16 Fastest Imposter Win Ever in Among Us (BonsaiBroz locked me in with the bodies)
5:52 Big Brain Plays as Imposter in Among Us
Creators featured in this video:
• @SanchoWest
• @BonsaiBroz
• @DNPThree
• @MissClick Gaming
• @Larry Fishburger
• @Himicane
• @SSN Santa
• @HeadShotChick
• @Reddysh
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  • Nick is the best imposter he can finesse is way out

    jaden ereeejaden ereeeDag siden
  • This is the funniest video of among us i ever seen other among us video ia not funny at all (keep up the good work nick)

    Amber PanganAmber PanganDag siden
  • It’s pronounced ADMIN 😂

    LankySkydiver81LankySkydiver812 dager siden
  • Awesome vid nick!you make my day better keep making bangers

    Chelsea BriggsChelsea Briggs8 dager siden
  • WTF 12:40

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  • Nick eh 30 is the best I use your code nick

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  • The important salesman gradually empty because dragon cytomorphologically choke outside a gifted library. quizzical, possessive copper

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  • The Intro tho damn its fire

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  • I feel bad for the editor... they had to animate ALL that text

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  • This was so funny u should do more among us

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  • Not admin Amin

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  • the best edited video and amazing clips!

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  • ,ok lol

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  • He said admin in a accent that got me craking

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  • Penny white : i hate nick ME: dont ever say that

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  • Nick uses Bose QC35 II Headphones

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  • Nick Eh Imposter

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  • Nick you were so close that was the best play!!!

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  • Cool

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  • Everyone: I like nick because he’s nice doesn’t swear and gives you a smile when you need it… Everyone: reasons I don’t like Nick… hmmm can’t think of one

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  • the last killed tho

    An Hong WeiAn Hong WeiMåned siden
  • This game makes you loose ur friend.

  • He for real sayin ED MIN 😂😂

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  • He is so funny

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  • No one did aidman

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  • 12:37

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  • Nick is just a amazing person who gives smiles whenever you’ll need it. We love you Nick ❤️

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  • your so funny

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  • Omg it is u! I’m that girl that u played with in among us this morning. Pls reply nick?

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  • Nick = Real Name Eh = 8 gamer tags 🏷 30= his soccer jersey number

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  • Hope you see this Don’t give up at everything and always remember Allah will help you success in life ♥️

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  • More among us

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  • Sometimes I think nick should be a lawyer

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  • Fun fact: The word long is shorter then the word short

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  • I can’t believe He is 5’6

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  • I won a game by just guessing the first round it was fast

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  • Why block them in with the body's nick can just report it and say it's white

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  • You guys remember when nick sweared a lot before

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  • Nick, I don’t really like you vids anymore because everyone is making memes because I have 30 in my name, but you make some pretty good content though

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