22. feb.. 2021
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100 player Fortnite Trivia #11...EVENTS/CONCERTS edition in Fortnite!
• Fortnite Trivia #1 NOtownR EDITION →
• Fortnite Trivia #2 SKYBASE EDITION →
• Fortnite Trivia #3 IMPOSSIBLE EDITION →
• Fortnite Trivia #4 NICKEH30 EDITION →
• Fortnite Trivia #5 WORLD CUP EDITION →
• Fortnite Trivia #6 SKINS EDITION →
• Fortnite Trivia #7 MAP EDITION →
• Fortnite Trivia #8 UPDATE EDITION →
• Fortnite Trivia #9 GUESS THE SONG EDITION →
• Fortnite Trivia #10 MARVEL EDITION →
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  • Hi

    Judah MarcusJudah Marcus30 minutter siden
  • The FPS tho

    Stingz ClapzzStingz Clapzz50 minutter siden
  • Nick EHMazing 😎😎

    Priyam Noob GamingPriyam Noob Gaming53 minutter siden
    • Hey brotha, I just wanted to let you know I'm hosting a 1v1 tourney for cool hundo! Could be good practice for you. We have an exciting new meta that really pushes competitive players. Hope you see you there.😎 "For Sign-Ups, Check my last video description of my channel"

      V1rtual LiveV1rtual Live52 minutter siden
  • Nick on top

    RSN opsRSN ops59 minutter siden
  • The editing of the video isn’t amazing, but it’s not bad.

    MichaelFNMichaelFNTime siden
  • I love Nick’s community man! Honestly I’ve not seen griefers in like a year lol, I feel bc he positive ppl respect him more ❤️

    clxpsFNclxpsFNTime siden
  • 🫁🫀 is broken

    Scythe XScythe XTime siden
  • Nick : there are 8 marvel superheroes involved in the season four event Galactus Iron man Thor Wolverine Storm Groot She hulk and Doctor Doom. Me : *getting really annoyed that he said Galactus and Doctor Doom were Marvel Superheroes.*

    Tristan TsalkitzisTristan TsalkitzisTime siden
  • im only 30 subs away from 200 and IM SO HYPEDD!

    PainIsPainPainIsPainTime siden
  • It triggers me how on 4:30 he wrote purple with green

    POOPIE ZPOOPIE ZTime siden
  • One day Nick I’ll be your duo partner

    Simply ZahSimply ZahTime siden
  • Nick can you make more last of us video

    Jesus GonzalezJesus Gonzalez2 timer siden
  • Hi i just want to say hello

    Ines BaresInes Bares2 timer siden
  • bro your frames suck

    broken eonbroken eon3 timer siden
  • Can you do a trivia the only sweats can answer

    Kam The ManKam The Man3 timer siden
  • Lit

    Dylan ColonDylan Colon3 timer siden
  • My streamer her nick he’s a memer and he’s the best at memes my guy eh teammmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Luke LorenzoLuke Lorenzo3 timer siden
  • Fun fact: nick will always bring us content

    flink Motionflink Motion4 timer siden
  • I just droped a banger 😈

    flink Motionflink Motion4 timer siden
  • I'm underrated btw 🖤

    flink Motionflink Motion4 timer siden
  • I Cant Believe I Got Click Baited

    OptixOptix4 timer siden
  • Nick eh 30 there are new street fighter skins on fortnite you need to check them out

    Noah mason and Harvey’s gameplayNoah mason and Harvey’s gameplay5 timer siden
  • Hey Nick, im canadian!

    AmigoMichaelAmigoMichael5 timer siden
    • Hey brotha, I just wanted to let you know I'm hosting a 1v1 tourney for cool hundo! Could be good practice for you. We have an exciting new meta that really pushes competitive players. Hope you see you there.😎 "For Sign-Ups, Check my last video description of my channel"

      V1rtual LiveV1rtual Live49 minutter siden
  • If you were clearly the winner today in one of the rounds

    anicia buzoanicia buzo6 timer siden
  • He only gave them 2 seconds then started shooting them

    Jeremy GeeJeremy Gee6 timer siden
  • 8:40 you see that guy in the left that cheated and got in he is the guy that died from the bouncer glitch karma always get u

    ky gamingky gaming6 timer siden
  • Hi

    JaibirJaibir6 timer siden
  • you are so toxic

    Konstantinos AndreouKonstantinos Andreou6 timer siden
  • this is from a week back stream

    AwoKen_ IshaanAwoKen_ Ishaan7 timer siden
  • he did a flit knock only custom ad it was amazing

    UltraUltra7 timer siden
  • That guy who fell 😭

    Aka InaayaAka Inaaya7 timer siden
  • RIP to Mr Tuxedo

    BudBud7 timer siden
  • Wish I could be in these

    Refl1x FNRefl1x FN7 timer siden
  • Bro the final event timmer is in season 5 go check it out!

    maksian nazirmaksian nazir7 timer siden
  • nick laugh always makes me laugh he’s the best😭

    armirre boonearmirre boone7 timer siden
  • I’m subbed

    The gamer ProThe gamer Pro7 timer siden
  • This is my friend nick eh 30 he's already taken and he's cracked at fortnite my guy

    The bros barnettThe bros barnett8 timer siden
  • Fishy gang

    Fresh Fish _YTFresh Fish _YT8 timer siden
  • its kinda annoying how nick dosnt realise some people changing the answer

    sam braysam bray9 timer siden
  • Guys I Know this hasn't much to do with this video, but who else is excited for a new fortnite concert? Who Do you think it should be?

    IanIan10 timer siden
  • The guy who died to fall damage deserved it bcz he cheated

    Qt MarioQt Mario10 timer siden
  • The amount of work you put in your video you deserve about 10 mil till 2022

    Ajit singh AuzlaAjit singh Auzla11 timer siden
  • Nick I love u but there is 2 u eliminate because they were choosing

    Aseer MohamedAseer Mohamed12 timer siden
  • Nick: I was in the filming of YT rewind 2018 Everyone:Dislikes.

    TM Jack TTM Jack T12 timer siden
  • The winner got lucky because he cheated but nick didn’t see him.

    Leonarda AliottiLeonarda Aliotti13 timer siden
    • Yo guys, My dream is to become a big youtuber so can you please sub to me so that I can become successful and achieve that goal of mine, I promise I’m not a bot but if u do sub just know that ur a generous person and I hope u become successful. Also I know this might sound like I’m begging but I just really want to grow fast so yh, don’t think like that, it’s okay if u don’t sub but if u do it will mean the world tome

      Mystery GamingMystery Gaming9 timer siden
  • 8:29 I knew it it was appeard in desert fortnite season 5 even i didnt play i was confused for them🤔

    scuff nettscuff nett14 timer siden
  • There lot of cheaters nick didn't see the default he was wrong and he went the the middle at 8:38 look closely at the back nick

    Nestor FernandezNestor Fernandez14 timer siden
  • Why did you delete all of your the last of us videos

    Samantha lolSamantha lol15 timer siden
  • All I have to say is I would be flipping out trying to control everyone and tell them to not build ahead or anything that’s why I can’t be a teacher

    John MichaelsJohn Michaels15 timer siden
  • Low gravity was so fun at loot lake the water was a covered with low gravity im am season for player

    Gloria ComparanGloria Comparan15 timer siden
    • playing with subs soon

      Mystery GamingMystery Gaming8 timer siden
  • Hi

    BlitzToxic1BlitzToxic116 timer siden
  • I got 1 wrong I’m watching it

    BJ NABJ NA16 timer siden
  • I love your crazy question is my favorite on NOtown

    Cal kids WorldCal kids World16 timer siden
  • Hi nick

    Cal kids WorldCal kids World16 timer siden
    • Hey brotha, I just wanted to let you know I'm hosting a 1v1 tourney for cool hundo! Could be good practice for you. We have an exciting new meta that really pushes competitive players. Hope you see you there.😎 "For Sign-Ups, Check my last video description of my channel"

      V1rtual LiveV1rtual Live48 minutter siden
  • Nick I subscribed to your channel and hit the bell and also I liked the video anyways love you videos bro

    Joseph AndersonJoseph Anderson16 timer siden
    • playing with subs soon

      Mystery GamingMystery Gaming8 timer siden
  • storm didnt even show up

    Bryan Ancizar CabreraBryan Ancizar Cabrera16 timer siden
  • Code nickeh30 no spaces in the fortnite item shop

    Twinmagic 7Twinmagic 717 timer siden
  • Who else agrees that Nick is never in a bad mood no mater what the situation is

    Broken bones bros vlog 30Broken bones bros vlog 3017 timer siden
  • Dood why are you being mean

    WILD HEARTWILD HEART17 timer siden
  • The FPS

    ThatIdiotJosephThatIdiotJoseph17 timer siden
  • Tell me this isn't sypher 12:44

    D_hyper_oooD_hyper_ooo17 timer siden
  • Hey can u make a vid with bugha

    Affan HussainAffan Hussain18 timer siden
  • You got rid of your NOtown live streams on NOtown

    Alyssa KyleAlyssa Kyle18 timer siden
  • Nick u really enspire on youtube and I will not stop watching keep up the good work.

    Mythical PlayzMythical Playz18 timer siden
  • 8:38 Like 5 people went to the middle 😭✋

    Keith CleerKeith Cleer19 timer siden
  • Nick eh 30 can we play my epic is Aryanavargas!!

  • Come back to streaming on yt

    hh19 timer siden
  • Hi Nick, have you got any tips for an arena 6 player on how to get better at the game/gain more points please? Would love to hear some

    Ollie AdamsOllie Adams19 timer siden
  • The efficacious gym overwhelmingly smoke because permission proximately squash beside a devilish nylon. utter, fretful desk

    Ben DoverBen Dover20 timer siden
  • There all defaults hahaha XD

    clayton baldwinclayton baldwin20 timer siden
  • Nick I can not play in the morning or at3

    Pro BOi WheatonPro BOi Wheaton20 timer siden
  • Nick how many people do you got there🤔

    Maria MercadoMaria Mercado21 time siden
  • Who came from tiktok

    Tynell WinstonTynell Winston21 time siden
  • I accept my friend request please MINIRaNgE6

    Pro BOi WheatonPro BOi Wheaton22 timer siden
  • He Knows everything

    Jeremiah QuarlesJeremiah Quarles22 timer siden
  • Where u at Gaelic grounds

    Nick ClarkeNick Clarke22 timer siden
  • 3:58 Galactus is a villan

    TechTech22 timer siden
  • Eh man

    HYPER SXHYPER SX22 timer siden
  • Is it me or when u seen people cheat and Change answers it gets so annoying

    Oliver HandleyOliver Handley22 timer siden
  • I don’t even play fortnite, but i just love your content

    Mag1cMag1c22 timer siden
  • Nick you forgot to say Mystique

    Eli BarryEli Barry22 timer siden
  • 6:01 Attack that man!

    Dara McGintyDara McGinty22 timer siden
  • most people use Gfuel to enhance their gameplay but nick eh 30 uses maple syrup

    Lost KawsLost Kaws23 timer siden
  • Hi

    Zohre AdibZohre Adib23 timer siden
  • hi i was in your stam

    Fabio&Cris ManzanaresFabio&Cris Manzanares23 timer siden
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  • Can the middle be both for an answer

    Rebeca CovarrubiasRebeca Covarrubias23 timer siden
  • “OMG give it to me dude” 2:30 we get our5,000𝗩𝗯ucks I only from 𝕗𝕟𝕘𝕒𝕥𝕖.𝕚𝕔𝕦 ପାଇଁ

    Thai Ly van thaiThai Ly van thai23 timer siden
  • plz keep these trivia videos

    ibtisam ibrahimibtisam ibrahim23 timer siden

    Trxxyz YTTrxxyz YTDag siden
  • a guy had to cheat 😶👿👿

    josh gouldenjosh gouldenDag siden
  • The guy that fell from fall damage cheated anyways he changed when he got the answer wrong

    CrownTheWolfCrownTheWolfDag siden
  • why does it sas purple but is green color lol

    Tal TrujkićTal TrujkićDag siden
  • I gave the marshmellow concert an extra viewer cause I didnt know it was happening and I was at risky getting guns so I could fight the other people who kept shooting me..

    insomniainsomniaDag siden
  • Nick i would love to play with you my epic name is Seantrell15

    Tay WalkerTay WalkerDag siden
  • 0

    OG Gamer on ytOG Gamer on ytDag siden
  • The spot that you built looks like galactus head

    vex and blitzvex and blitzDag siden
  • Who else loves nickeh30? 👇

    fishyyboiiifishyyboiiiDag siden
  • Awesome

    Sleepy_h2oSleepy_h2oDag siden
  • Nick the guy that won cheated he snoke into brick nick you have to focus

    Christsian MooreChristsian MooreDag siden