Everything you missed from Fortnite in 2020!

7. jan.. 2021
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First reaction to Walking Dead, Halo, Black Panther, Super Smash Bros LTM, New Years fireworks, & Snow Update! #QuestPartner
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  • Awesome

    Robert RodriguezRobert Rodriguez19 timer siden
  • If i had money i would try to give the biggest amount i could

    Tiny HoovyTiny HoovyDag siden

    It's_AnylahIt's_Anylah2 dager siden
  • I haven’t played for 8months inform me plz

    Hunter RogersHunter Rogers2 dager siden
  • Nickmercseh30

    Spence FamilySpence Family4 dager siden
  • Overreacting like a lil kid to be honest this is not the real nick I remember from the good old days when fortnite was still good.. This is my personal opinion as a boomer..

    Marco 92Marco 926 dager siden
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    Erik NeuschwendtnerErik Neuschwendtner7 dager siden
  • Sjnsnsns

    Brad LangstonBrad Langston8 dager siden
  • That sprint better be a cutscene

    PlumManPlumMan9 dager siden
  • How

    Dark Knight NightDark Knight Night11 dager siden
  • 5:05 how??? In my pridiction i think its a portal

    Doaa Nice BeshirDoaa Nice Beshir11 dager siden
  • 2:10 the fight begins in 3 2 1 REEEEE

    Jamie JohnsonJamie Johnson11 dager siden
  • yeetes to the feetus

    Michael BairdMichael Baird11 dager siden
  • Wow $300 in a week that is just wonderful my respect for you just rose 900,000,000%

    Infinity B15 HiInfinity B15 Hi12 dager siden
  • F

    KK - 04RB 839053 Robert J Lee PSKK - 04RB 839053 Robert J Lee PS12 dager siden
  • My dad died to canser

    Melissa ConwayMelissa Conway12 dager siden
  • Nick Eh 30: Bro I don't see him ye- *master chief appears* OHHHHHHHHH

    Jill ChappleJill Chapple13 dager siden
  • Was that not messed up it’s fun to see them help less like that

    AlexanderD RodriguezAlexanderD Rodriguez13 dager siden
  • 19:27 Finally the end of the December 18th updates. Holy epic your doing some hard work bro

    TheMegaManTheMegaMan14 dager siden
  • Nice vid Nick keep it up!

    TheMegaManTheMegaMan14 dager siden
  • 16:36 Bruh how many updates were there on that day bro

    TheMegaManTheMegaMan14 dager siden
    • 23:18 Loved that event

      TheMegaManTheMegaMan14 dager siden
  • I need the double pumping back

    Lorene WilliamsLorene Williams15 dager siden
  • Chad wild clay Chad Chad Chad Chad wild clay Chad Chad Chad Chad wild clay James Charles here

    Lorene WilliamsLorene Williams15 dager siden
  • have not played for like 2 years

    Right Way TRight Way T15 dager siden
  • 21:08 I can see Midas on the far right

    Jeremy CavanaghJeremy Cavanagh17 dager siden
  • On new years spend time with family No. Play fortnite yes. Mess around in a regular game NO. play arena all day SOILD YES

    Ayaannn GobhilllAyaannn Gobhilll17 dager siden
  • Hello

    TTVBread93 KTTVBread93 K18 dager siden

    Jason FranzoneJason Franzone18 dager siden
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    DisplayDisplay18 dager siden
  • happy new year nick

    Matthew LopezMatthew Lopez19 dager siden
  • I havn't played in 2 months

    Effect_on_keys -Effect_on_keys -19 dager siden
  • monster hunter rise the demo came out

    Rebecca WhittenRebecca Whitten19 dager siden
  • 2:44 baby mode on

    Priyanka NPriyanka N21 dag siden
  • MY NAME JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ultra ClassicUltra Classic22 dager siden
  • 21:45 anyone else concerned why when said that when he turned to the butt

    Ibrahim ZanharIbrahim Zanhar26 dager siden
  • Your laugh makes my day!

    Manal BarsoumManal Barsoum26 dager siden
  • Right now I’m in the future where this wider than when wrong the snow will not be going over the sand sad we they had to get rid of it because Christmas came up before the sun to rise to the full map the fortnite community wasn’t fast enough so basically they got rid of it because they had to because Christmas went down

    Lauren MillerLauren Miller27 dager siden
  • Pls sub to L2 brazy

    Lolo OlivaaLolo Olivaa28 dager siden
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    Irene StephensIrene StephensMåned siden
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    Nickolas SmithNickolas SmithMåned siden
  • Thought

    Guy ShinnemanGuy ShinnemanMåned siden
  • Who else haughty it was chug rugs😂😂

    Guy ShinnemanGuy ShinnemanMåned siden
  • Does any one realise below the zero point it’s in the shape of loot lake after kevin took the island up

    NotArtixcNotArtixcMåned siden
  • He really nice

    Ethan ChambersEthan ChambersMåned siden
  • 😂🤣

    JessJessMåned siden
  • I know why it is closing to prevent people from escaping the loop

    Joshua Caleb Ilano Santos 圣忠诚Joshua Caleb Ilano Santos 圣忠诚Måned siden
  • My man nickeh30 is just waaaaayyyyy to inspiring and just so Voll wish i was like u and im gaming to make people feel good like u do and ye thats just what i want in life

    Pita_1oyPita_1oyMåned siden
  • Rip Chadwick bosmin

    Jay'shawn JacksonJay'shawn JacksonMåned siden
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    Nickolas SmithNickolas SmithMåned siden
  • 3:24 Take big chills...

    InstafilmsInstafilmsMåned siden
  • Getting famous off of comments day 4, so I can afford to buy a playstation 4 and dont have to play splitscreen with my brother and crop my montages .

    Ph RotatePh RotateMåned siden
  • Did Nick say whited in Shockwave!!!😂😂😂

  • Nick your laugh make me laugh 🤣🤣😂

    Melia DavidsonMelia DavidsonMåned siden
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    Elbaywg CampbellvdElbaywg CampbellvdMåned siden
  • Wasn’t Air royal a mode in season 7?

    Fungus ChungusFungus ChungusMåned siden
  • The music is copyrighted

    Eli EspinozaEli EspinozaMåned siden
  • Video starts at 1:25

    U a jhitU a jhitMåned siden
  • Mario in thumbnail.

    WelchanWelchanMåned siden
  • i love nick eh 30 i wanna be in his server to play with him but i cant :( cause theres lag and im middle east

    LARA AHMED ShueibLARA AHMED ShueibMåned siden
  • I haven’t seen your content in a while, and geez you just keep getting better and better! Kudos !

    Derrick DesDerrick DesMåned siden
  • Nick u are so positive bro. Keep up the good content

    Sweaty59Sweaty59Måned siden
  • He is a fun guy

    Lilallday PS4Lilallday PS4Måned siden
  • Did anyone realize that the fish at around 2:40 had his pinky finger up ?

    DN-H Says HiiiDN-H Says HiiiMåned siden

    Jenson HaywoodJenson HaywoodMåned siden
  • When Nick says what’s that!!! Me: ITS A TREE

    AWP CloudyAWP CloudyMåned siden
  • Nick you don’t even how much your laugh makes me smile I mean it’s in sane. And your my favorite NOtown of all time your the goat 🐐!!!!! Please respond if you can it would make my day.

    Opland SonnichsenOpland SonnichsenMåned siden
  • I love shock wave

  • H

    Deez BangDeez BangMåned siden
  • nick jesume calm down

    Grayson WilderGrayson WilderMåned siden
  • Oxidize dude it don’t matter u just need to be part of the eh army to matter to nick

    JeffDaaJeffDaaMåned siden
  • If you do splitscreen you can do in but not in that world

    Leonardo DominguezLeonardo DominguezMåned siden
  • when will harley quinn come back tho

    Chris LChris LMåned siden
  • The hurried correspondent ultrastructually walk because columnist reciprocally double in a decisive index. lethal, aboriginal needle

    Carlos CundiffCarlos CundiffMåned siden
  • Yes mobile community missed that many stuff lol

    ScopePH YTScopePH YTMåned siden
  • Lol I love the part he he says it’s so pretty like me Lol

    Jason GleasonJason GleasonMåned siden
  • I quit the game at the start of this season and only got to lvl 40, the game is boring af

    DiscordWaifuDiscordWaifuMåned siden
  • ay this came out on my birthday

  • I think next season it’ll be the walking dead

    Jose LopezJose LopezMåned siden
  • I love how he keeps say "got him whited" in shockwave when you're always on white health xD

    Josiah WoodsJosiah WoodsMåned siden
  • I didn’t miss any of that

    Zamauri VarnerZamauri VarnerMåned siden
  • Let's be honest here, we only hate fortnite because of toxic people, but we like the game

    • @Hat Kid not all sweats are toxic this guy i ran into was a sweat but not toxic smh 😑

      Frog DepluxFrog DepluxMåned siden
    • @Nicolai the sweats are toxic people😑

      Hat KidHat KidMåned siden
    • Not toxic people dont like Fortnite because the sweats

      NicolaiNicolaiMåned siden
    • not for me i actually don't like the game

      Dylan GranadosDylan GranadosMåned siden
  • I haven't played fortnite in 9months because my brother logged out of my ps4 and i forgot the password but i still know my email

    Rig gaming90Rig gaming90Måned siden

    Franny-_-proFranny-_-proMåned siden
  • The cover looks like my 6 year old birthday party

    Alex HackerAlex HackerMåned siden
  • ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Itz_Javi_BoyzzItz_Javi_BoyzzMåned siden

    LightningThunder2.0LightningThunder2.0Måned siden
  • nick you should start streaming warzone, you would gain way more subs and views

    Dylan HarrisDylan HarrisMåned siden
  • Nick I love all your videos but you gotta stop watching people stream because your supporters will just ruin their careerIt's fine when somebody curse

    Halle AHalle AMåned siden
  • Everything WE missed EVERYTHING YOU missed

    Rachel CampbellRachel CampbellMåned siden
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    steph vanegassteph vanegasMåned siden
  • Will you start playing with Sancho West Agian?

    kaitlynnrae #EhTeamkaitlynnrae #EhTeamMåned siden
  • I want him to do more trivia

    Jordan MadrigalJordan MadrigalMåned siden
  • I haven't played since 2020 august

    UppiUppiMåned siden
  • Nick how you doing

    Dionne LancasterDionne LancasterMåned siden
  • Hi nick :)

    TimeIsRealTimeIsRealMåned siden
  • Nick you are my fav NOtown and you have inspired me so much to be a better person and your content is amazing I’ve been watching you since season 8 and I’ve been trying to get in your game I play on NA East so I’ve been swapping to NA West to get in love your content so much - IcyCliff1

    IcyCliff 1IcyCliff 1Måned siden
  • Hi nick my birthday is feb 1 and i was wondering it will be amazing to play with you on my birthday please ???

    Jayden GeorgeJayden GeorgeMåned siden
  • Can you add me

    swatt_2swatt_2Måned siden
  • I think the predator is coming too

    Daniel VanlalhruaiaDaniel VanlalhruaiaMåned siden
  • Bro nick worry about the game instead of caring about getting donated 100bits

    Clips Is a zonle fanClips Is a zonle fanMåned siden