100 Players vs 3 IO Guards CHALLENGE in Fortnite!

12. jan.. 2021
618 734 Ganger

Last one to survive against the IO Guards in a 10x10 box/arena wins...NO SHOOTING lol!
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  • Today my Fortnite account got hacked😢

    Payton SiemensPayton Siemens6 dager siden
  • Hello can you add me back on fortnite my name is Ralph e mouse

    josimar garciajosimar garcia7 dager siden
  • How one u were at 2040 points and yes I have more points then u on ur alt account

    RC_ FabledRC_ Fabled10 dager siden
  • video idea: Hunting game You will ask for pancake hunts, the other 99 opponents will stay outside, the opponent you are hunting will leave outside, and you will kill until the last opponent, you are the last, is the last opponent to survive wins😘

    Matteo Henrique QuartarolliMatteo Henrique Quartarolli11 dager siden
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  • Getting famous off of comments day 4, so I can afford to buy a playstation 4 and dont have to play splitscreen with my brother and crop my montages .

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